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August 11, 2021 4 min read

Bespoke Shirts Yorkville

Let’s face the facts. A shirt more often than not is the core piece to any outfit you wear. Whether it be a formal or casual occasion, a well fitted shirt speaks volumes about your sense of style, and compliments your entire outfit accordingly. As a top-tier Bespoke shirts Yorkville tailor I dedicate my entire heart and soul in making sure that my clients get the bespoke shirt they have been needing all their life. Whether you need a bespoke formal shirt, casual, or cuffed shirt at Isaac Ely we can accommodate your needs and preferences.

Ultimately, if you have been looking for a credible bespoke shirt tailor in Forest Hill, look no further than Isaac Ely Bespoke. To get started feel free tofill out the contact form on my contact page and I would be happy to personally assist you!

Bespoke Shirts Forest Hill

The Process:

Step 1 - Analyze Body Posture and Movement Patterns

As a bespoke tailor my priority is to ensure that the bespoke shirt or garment you wear is fitted to compliment your natural body posture, physique and movement pattern. In order to do this, when you come into the tailor shop you may be asked to stand in different angles, walk around or stand-still in order for me to gauge exactly what type of bespoke shirt dimensions would accentuate your natural presence. Finding the right fit is half the battle, so this step is critical in order to ensure that the final product is perfectly tailored to your liking and to your natural shape. 

Step 2 - Choose Your Fabric and Design

After finding your fit based on your body posture the next step is to choose your fabric and design for your desired bespoke shirt. As a dedicated bespoke shirt tailor I prioritize the clients preferences and do whatever is necessary to tailor your shirt to your exact preference and vision. Whether this means having custom buttons, collars or cuffs, we can accommodate you. Additionally all of our bespoke material is hand cut and sewn. We focus on using the highest quality material that will give you an undeniable presence no matter what room you enter. We offer many fabric choices as well including but not limited to:

  • Egyptian Cotton
  • Sea Island Quality
  • Swiss Cotton
  • Cotton/Cashmere Blends
  • Silk/Cotton Blend
  • & so much more

Using these premium materials all of our bespoke shirts are designed and sewn with the finest interlining to ensure that you receive an out of this world product. At the end of the day, we always have something for everyone.

Step 3 - Create and Adjust

Lastly, after your bespoke shirt is made with your preferences in mind, we send the shirt to you to try on for final adjustments. As a leading bespoke shirt tailor it is my goal to strive for excellence with every client and I work hard to ensure that you leave our shop happier and more confident than when you walked in. If any necessary fixes or adjustments are needed, these changes will be implemented as soon as possible. 

Why Choose Isaac Ely as Your Bespoke Shirt Forest Hill Tailor of Choice? 

All in all, at Isaac Ely Bespoke, we are dedicated in providing top-notch bespoke shirt tailoring services in Forest Hill, Ontario. We care about all of our clients and will work alongside you to ensure that your bespoke shirt comes out exactly how you want it. If you are interested in getting your shirt made today, fill out the contact form on thecontact page and I would be more than happy to assist you.

FAQ - Bespoke Shirts Forest Hill 

Is it Worth it to Look for a Bespoke Shirt?

Let's face the facts. Most of your styles will stem from the shirt that you wear. If the core pieces of your outfit are good, the accessories will naturally complement and add on to your sense of style. Comparatively, if the core piece of your outfit is not well-fitted or designed for you, nothing else matters. Having said that getting a custom shirt solves a lot of issues that are unavoidable when buying off the rack. Issues such as unproportionate sleeves for the arm, chest sizing and shoulder sizing can all be resolved with a bespoke shirt, leaving you with a perfectly tailored garment that is 100% unique to you.

Besides Bespoke Shirts, what other garments do you tailor?

As a bespoke tailor I have a multitude of offerings in terms made to measure related services. Among my specialties includes tailoring:

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