Welcome to Isaac Ely Bespoke. With great love and passion, we are committed to creating garments that Suit your individuality

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Fashion is a fleeting moment. Your unique style is timeless.



With nearly three decades of experience as a custom tailor and clothier in Toronto, Isaac Ely has earned his place as a trusted name in men’s fashion. But it wasn’t until he had his own luxury retail boutique that he became frustrated with the constraints of ready to wear clothing. The styles and fabrics his customers were looking for just weren’t available, and the fit was never quite right.

This frustration finally convinced Isaac to open his own bespoke atelier in 2001. Since then, Isaac has been designing clothes that make his customers feel good and look great. He believes that the right suit should move effortlessly with the wearer, regardless of his shape, size and posture.




We are committed to understanding your specific needs. We create beautiful designs that empower you and reflect your unique individuality, by focusing on the details that make you look and feel your best!  We draw on our extensive experience and creative imagination to develop custom designs that reflect the real you – your personality, the way you live, and your core values.


It takes an expert eye and a true understanding of tailoring, physiology, form and function, to create an exquisite piece of clothing. This is where our years of experience and passion for design make all the difference.

In addition to your basic measurements, we examine your shape, posture, alignment, the way you stand, and even the activities you do, to help ensure the very best fit and ultimate level of comfort throughout your day.


We use only the best quality materials and superior craftsmanship in the design and construction of your finely tailored shirts, trousers, sports jackets, suits, tuxedos and overcoats.

We offer a large selection of fabrics from some of the best mills in the world, including Zegna and Marzoni. Trust in our expertise to guide you in selecting the right weight, colour and pattern for your new garment. We take every aspect into consideration, from your skin tone to your body temperature, and everything in between.


What sets our customer service apart?  We believe in giving you the personal time and attention you want, even when you don’t expect it.

If you are unable to visit our atelier, we will happily come to you! We work around your schedule to exceed your expectations. We strive to develop strong lasting relationships with all our clients, and are committed to providing a great one-on-one experience every time.