Bringing back the beauty of bespoke tailoring.

Bringing back the beauty of bespoke tailoring

Custom apparel is an expression of character and style. Our clients are big and tall, short and slender—and anything in between. Our carefully crafted clothes follow suit.

Bespoke tailor Isaac Ely has designed custom suits for more than three decades. A suit is more than an assembly of fabric and thread—it is an identity. This is why Isaac Ely ensures that each ensemble is crafted to reflect your personality, lifestyle and values.



As a former neck-wear manufacturer for over 20 years, I have developed a taste for a certain level of workmanship, quality and individuality. Isaac has always been able to work with me to create what I have envisioned. His level of service and commitment is what I demand, and he exceeds in delivering it time and time again!

G. Shapiro

In today’s ever-changing world, it is gratifying to know that when it comes to fine menswear, there is Mr. Isaac Ely. He treats his clients as if they are part of his family and goes above and beyond for them. His menswear is, simply put, “heavenly”. If you’re looking for the best, look no further. Isaac Ely is the master when it comes to men’s fashion.

J. Kelly

I am extremely picky when it comes to the fit of my suits. I have tried all of the well known bespoke tailors in Toronto. In my view, Isaac is truly the best. In many cases, at other bespoke tailors, you will only be dealing with a salesperson who has no direct involvement in the actual tailoring of your suit. Your tailor needs to see you and understand all your good (and not so good) physical qualities to build you a suit that highlights your strengths and hides the things you are not as proud of. Isaac truly loves what he does and is very passionate about his work. You can always expect amazing service from Isaac too.

R. Juneja

Isaac introduced me to the bespoke suit world in 2007 and I am never going back to buying a suit off the rack! The quality of materials, the craftsmanship of design and sewing of the suit are unparalleled. I have now purchased over a dozen suits from Isaac and every one is a work of art. Isaac’s attention to detail, his passion for the job, his love for his clientele and his outstanding service remind me of an earlier time when quality and service really mattered!

J. Wellum

I met Isaac over 5 years ago after frustration with the impossible task of finding a proper fitting dress shirt off the rack. Isaac demonstrated the difference a bespoke shirt can make. His attention to detail, quality and service is second to none, and I have been a customer ever since.