The art and science of designing custom-fit clothes.

Bespoke tailors develop specific patterns unique to each individual. Multiple fittings are required to harmonize style and mobility. This thorough process is what sets bespoke suits apart from made-to-measure clothes.

Bespoke suits

A bespoke suit moves with you⁠—regardless of your shape or size.


Isaac Ely analyzes your posture, balance and movement. In order to perfect both style and maneuverability, a few fittings are required in the tailoring of your bespoke suit.


Designed the way you want and tailored to fit.


We have a great selection of shirt fabrics—luxurious Egyptian cotton, Sea Island cotton, Swiss cotton, linen and cotton-cashmere blends. We also use the finest interlining for our collars and cuffs, and feature imported Australian mother of pearl buttons. No matter the shirt, we create the right collar, cuff, and cut to suit you specifically.


The fit is in the cut.


A well-fitted pair of pants is all in the cut. We consider a number of factors—the wearer’s stomach, seat, hips, leg length and alignment—when shaping the pants. We also look at details like or the width of the knee and bottom of the pant leg.


A special suit for a special day.


We are your trusted partner to ensure you look your best for any special occasion. Cherish any special event by wearing a custom specialty suit or tuxedo created just for you.

Made to

Customize a tried-and-true pattern.


Our made-to-measure suits are a good option for individuals who crave high quality wear at a lower price. The suits and shirts use timeless patterns that are then transformed to best fit you. A made-to-measure suit simply offers an option that satisfies many of our customers.