Made to Measure

Made to Measure

Bespoke tailoring involves creating a new cut for each and every client, doing multiple fittings, and finishing each suit by hand. Made-to-measure on the other hand, uses pre-existing base patterns that are modified to fit the wearer and are typically done without any fittings.

That’s where we BREAK the tradition – we FIT the client! Not just on delivery, but when we take the order, so the suit is right from the start! Then we do a second fitting when the suit is complete, to make it yours! Our primary business is Bespoke, so we are not salespeople or just stylists, but rather real tailors with great understanding of fashion. Our passion is fitting clients with clothes that really fit and look great.

With our made-to-measure model, we embrace a new system of innovation that customizes existing patterns, the reality is, this means we achieve a good fit at a lower price; Bespoke offers a perfect fit, but that’s the real difference. All in all, our made-to-measure is a great suit, with great value, for a better price than Bespoke, and we even offer the same choice in fabrics. Made-to-measure simply offers a value that will make most customers very pleased with their new custom clothing.

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