Dress Shirts

There are many different collar styles, including the following options:

  • Rounded collar
  • English spread collar
  • French spread collar
  • Cutaway collar
  • Semi-spread collar
  • Nehru collar
  • Full spread collar
  • Semi-spread collar
  • Long point collar
  • Tab collar
  • Tuxedo collar
  • Button-down collar
  • Two or three buttons on the band of the collar for casual dress shirts.

Angle and length of a shirt collar can vary. Each style or design of shirt collar can be tailored to match and showcase the unique facial profile of the wear. Appropriate collar height is essential, based on the length of the neck of the wearer.

All men’s dress shirts have an inner lining, in the collar and in the cuff. Some linings are soft, while other collar linings are firm or extra firm. Canvas is used to ensure that the collar/cuff stays firm and maintains its form, even after many washings. There are two types of canvas used in the collar and cuff. One is fusible, which means that it is glued into the material. The other option is non fusible, whereby the canvas is sewn into the material.

It is possible to make a long neck look shorter, by tailoring a longer band collar, or to make a short neck look longer, with a shorter collar band. 

Spread cutaway collars are for those that want to look and seem more modern. The higher the corners the richer the look

Detachable collars were more popular in the early 1900’s. Nowadays, a competent shirtmaker can easily replace a frayed collar, by sewing a new one, in its place, to ensure that the shirt will last longer. The same is true of a frayed shirt cuff. 

Dress shirts shape the person who wears them. Depending on the type of collar displayed, the wearer will showcase their personality type. One’s level of professionalism or creativity will immediately shine through based on their choice of dress shirt, type of collar and style of cuff.

A person might have a big neck compare to his body size or big body with small frame neck. Tailor made shirts are unique. A shirtmaker considers the size and shape of the neck  and body of his clients to make the best fitting custom shirt for each individual. 

Even if an individual were to seek out and find an expensive high-end brand name dress shirt, the dress shirt acquired would not be of the same quality or size requirements, as a dress shirt purchased from a competent shirtmaker. 

A dress shirt of the right quality can showcase the difference between sincere style and silly sass. Be sure to choose a top notch shirtmaker that can ensure your dress shirt is a cut above the rest.