Dinner Jacket

A dinner jacket is a jacket that is worn for upscale or fancy functions. The fabric of the lapel is usually made of a different material such as silk than a suit jacket. It may also be referred to as a tuxedo jacket. A dinner jacket normally comes with matching or fashion coordinated pants. 

Dinner jackets are different from suits, in that they are more bold and the lapels are more sheek and have a sharper cut on the length of the bust of the jacket and a tighter fit on the width of the waist. 

It is important to note dinner jackets come in various design styles and can be single or double-breasted. A dinner jacket is differentiated from a blazer, by being more streamlined and having a sharp cut along the length of the lapel, with the material on the lapel being made of satin, in most cases. Also, a dinner jacket is designed to give the wearer a slim fit and uplift one’s posture with a sense of upstanding confidence.

You can choose from either a peak, notch or shawl collar for the lapel. A dinner jacket comes in a wide array of colors and design styles. You can choose from black, white, cream color, various colors of velvet and many patterns; including plaid. 

A dinner jacket, rightly styled and properly fitted, by an expert custom tailor is your winning ticket to any upscale featured event. You will be outfitted for success and adornment, while wearing your luxurious elegant sleek and stunning upper body armour. 

A properly custom tailored dinner jacket is fitted to display a slim waist and a broad chest for those that wear it. It gives its wearers a sense of boldness, strength and power, above and beyond a power suit. Dinner jackets show the onlooking audience that the fashionista that sports a dinner jacket is the real leader of the event and spectacle focus of attention. Due to the streamlined style and sharp cut of the lapel and dinner jacket positions its wearer as being a fearless and highly confident professional. 

Dinner jackets prepare you both mentally and physically to be your best at a dinner, social mixer or gala. There are many other event venues that welcome your dinner jacket attire, such as weddings, baby namings, corporate events and fundraising events.