Custom Trousers

At Isaac Ely’s Bespoke Tailor, we take joy in providing the best bespoke suits and some of Toronto’s best custom-tailored trousers. In your initial fitting consultation, we consider numerous factors- the wear’s stomach, seat, hips, leg length, and alignment- when shaping the trousers. We also look at details such as the width of the knee and bottom of the leg. 

Once Isaac determines your measurements, you will be offered a wide selection of fabrics to choose from to obtain your desired look and functionality. After creating your pattern and fitting(s), your custom trousers will be delivered to you in a few short weeks.

Dress Trousers

At Isaac Ely Bespoke we offer bespoke dress trousers which are perfect for more formal and semi-formal occasions. Usually designed with wool blend, we design dress trousers that will fit you perfectly and complement your matching suit jacket. You can also wear dress trousers with a shirt and no tie for a more relaxed yet fashionable smart casual style.

Casual Trousers

Our bespoke casual trousers are perfect for easy-going days where you want to look good without trying so hard. Coupled with a well-fitted t-shirt and nice pair of shoes, you can easily turn a good pair of bespoke casual trousers into a stylish piece perfect for pulling off an effortlessly classy off-duty look.

Casual Shorts

Our bespoke casual shorts are a great option for comfortable yet stylish wear during the warmer seasons. When coupled with the right garments and accessories a pair of bespoke casual shorts can easily elevate your look. At the same time, it can help you separate from the pack giving you a more distinguished style compared to the typical off the rack shorts available on the market. 

Custom Jeans

Jeans are one of the staples of every wardrobe. We apply the same crucial points in making our bespoke jeans. We have a great selection of comfortable fabrics from chinos to Italian denim jeans to create that perfect relaxed, casual look.

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