Custom Shoes

For those who want to truly stand out, custom shoes are a sure way to get noticed. A good pair of shoes should not only express your personality, but more importantly, they should be designed with your sense of style in mind. Fortunately, at Isaac Ely Bespoke we offer a wide variety of custom shoe styles ranging from formal, business, boots, dandy and sneaker shoes. 

In addition to our wide array of styles, we also make our custom shoes with comfort in mind. We understand that a shoe should fit snug and should not feel restrictive or tight on the wearer. In your initial consultation we will measure your feet and determine how your current shoes are bearing your weight distribution by looking at the impressions within the insole. At the end of the day everyone’s foot imprint is unique and as a result a bespoke tailor realizes this in order to create the perfect fit for your custom shoe.

If you are still browsing and are interested in a specific type of shoe check out some of our specialty custom shoes by clicking on your desired link: 

Business Shoes

Our custom business shoes are perfect for looking your best during your business meetings and presentations. Made from high-quality materials and many options of styles for creating your ideal business suit attire outfit.

Formal Shoes

Our formal custom shoes are perfect for formal and black tie events, where you want to look sharp. Our formal custom shoes are made with elegance in mind and are constructed from high-quality genuine leather. In addition to our premium materials, we also offer many styles to choose from.

Dandy Shoes

Being dandy is all about being well-dressed without trying too hard. With that being said, our dandy shoes are perfect where you are looking to have fun and show a more vibrant style flavorful in your personality.


Our custom sneakers are an excellent option for those who want something unique. They are lightweight and functional in design while stylish in appearance. Even in casual times, it never hurts to stand out.


We also offer custom boots. If you are looking for a close-fitting, ankle-high boot with an elastic side panel, we have you covered. All of our custom boots are made with comfort in mind to help provide you a truly unique creation for you. 

Custom Belts

Your belt is made to fit your waist perfectly. Choose from a great selection of high quality leather, available in a variety of colors, or customize your belt to match your custom shoes. You can also pick the best buckle that suits you and even add a personal monogram to it. All of our custom belts are handcrafted in Italy according to the most traditional methods and using premium leathers.

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