Custom Shoes

For those who want to truly stand out. Shoes to express your personality, designed with your sense of style in mind.

Feet are one of the most critical parts of our body. So crucial that doctors call them “the second heart.” We have the same drama for every piece of clothing: it just might not fit. And as usual, the answer is: bespoke.

You will face some hardships trying to find an excellent hand-made store in Toronto. At Isaac Ely Bespoke, we provide you with the best custom shoes in Toronto. Those that match your outfit and are comfortable wearing and walking in them.

It’s true what has been said about us – we are passionately precise and quality-oriented. You can see that spirit with your own eyes in our store upon arrival.

Custom bespoke shoes only for you

Our custom shoes, for men and women, are made with the most luxurious materials. Clients have the chance to choose their material from a wide variety.

As for the style and design of your handcrafted shoes, we can meet every need: Monks, Slip-on, Booties, Lace-up, wing-tip, whole-cut, Brogues, Cap-toe, Oxford, Derby, etc. even if you have difficulty choosing the right style, we will help with making the right decision.

The process

Makers here go through laborious moments to style the shoes just right for the clients. It takes almost 40 hours of man’s work. The process usually has three steps, as follows:

The first meeting takes nearly one hour, depending on the customer’s needs. We start it by carefully measuring the sides and curves of your feet. Then we bring the try-one for you to have your first go. The rest of the decisions and details rely on the client.

The second appointment most likely will be in about 3 weeks since that is how long it takes for the first try-on to get ready. If you want to have any final adjustments, the second appointment is the time to do it.

Your third appointment will be managed shortly after the second one, as it will be the delivery appointment. As you can see, it does not take that long to have the best custom-made shoes for yourself.

Options of customization

Color: our wide range of colors is sufficient for every kind of taste. Even if you have a unique color in your mind, do not hesitate to tell us! We can create it for you.

Super details: you may want your custom shoes to match your bespoke suit perfectly. No worries! We can make that happen. All you have to do is bring your tailored clothing to use so that we can check the fabric. You can leave the rest to us.

We can make you look taller: it is possible to increase the height by 1-1.5 cm inside the shoes without noticing.

Matching belt: it is highly recommended to our clients to have a matching belt. It will be made with the same material, color, and finishing as your shoes.

Single options: whatever you desire will be provided; full leather, full rubber, half and half, you name it, we make it

Services: once you are a customer here, you are in for life! It’s kind of a bespoke tradition. We offer you adjustments and repairs.


Being in style is one thing, putting on the right outfit is another. You have something to take into account when it comes to wearing shoes, not to mention hand-made shoes. They are widely used as you walk with them. They are directly in touch with your feet, the second heart.

You better make sure you choose the right place to make the custom bespoke shoes for you in Toronto. Just come by and see everything up close.

Make an appointment

You can make an appointment at our atelier, or conveniently at your location, or virtual appointment.

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