Custom Overcoats

At Isaac Ely Bespoke we offer made to measure outerwear and custom overcoats. With our custom overcoats you choose your style, fabric and fit. The end result is a stylish outfit that is still just as functional in keeping you warm during the cold seasons. Keeping comfort in mind, we understand that an overcoat should not be too loose or tight. With that being said, Isaac Ely will take his time to conduct an initial fitting consultation to determine the best overcoat dimensions based on your unique body posture.

Once your measurements have been taken into account, we will discuss the style of overcoat you like the best. Whether you are interested in a traditional or timeless version we can accommodate you. We offer numerous bespoke styles including the three button classic, double-breasted jacket, and wool peacoat. We also weave all of our overcoats with the highest quality material and wool to ensure that you not only look great, but feel great. 

All of our custom overcoats are made with the user in mind. We know that a good overcoat should have some key features. These features include, factors such as the sleeve length exceeding your suit’s sleeves’ size and your shirt cuffs. Keep in mind that the overall length can differ according to your personal taste, age, or body shape. In addition to that, a good custom overcoat should have a sewn canvas. It is the proper canvas which prevents the overcoat from deforming or sagging. This is a key consideration to ensure that you get the most longevity out of your custom overcoat.

We also specialize in making custom outerwear to help you keep warm in the colder seasons without jeopardizing your sense of style. 

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Custom Outerwear

If you are a stylish person that likes to spend time outdoors our custom outerwear is perfect for you. All of our custom outerwear garments can be made for more casual or comparatively, formal occasions based on your personal preference. In addition to our great custom design options, all of our custom outerwear is made from high performance materials. This ensures that you wear something that keeps you warm without jeopardizing the level of robustness from your garment. 

We are here to help you.