Tailored to fit you, and you alone – perfectly.


All our bespoke garments are designed for your unique physiology, with special attention paid to function, style and form. Hand cut, hand shaped, and hand sewn, your garment is completely personalized, right down to the button holes! We use only the finest imported fabrics and fittings to provide you with the best quality possible. From beautiful Sea Island cottons to luxurious cashmeres and Australian mother of pearl buttons, we utilize our collection of carefully curated materials to design unique garments that suit your individuality.


Made to measure – made to fit!


While bespoke tailoring involves creating an entirely new design for each client, made-to-measure uses pre-existing base patterns that are modified for the wearer.  Most tailors create made-to-measure garments without any fittings.  That’s where we break with tradition – we fit each of our clients!

Our unique made-to-measure process embraces a new system of innovation that fully customizes each pattern.  Not only do we take your measurements, we also assess your posture and biomechanics, so your suit is made right for you from the very start. Once your garment is complete, we fit you again to make any final adjustments and provide you with a garment that is uniquely yours.

We are not just salespeople or stylists.  We are highly skilled tailors who built our core business on bespoke design.  We have a great understanding of comfort and fashion, and we know what it takes to make a made to measure garment fit just right.

Our fully customized made-to-measure process results in a great fit and excellent quality at a lower price than traditional bespoke.  We even offer the same selection of fine fabrics!