Black Suit | The Ultimate Styling Guide

November 08, 2021 6 min read

What is a Black Suit?

Black Suits have been around for a LONG time, since the 1950s to be exact. Their formality makes them a garment appropriate for significant occasions, such as formal weddings, events, and funerals. As an individual piece, black suits are usually seen as highly formal. Therefore, they are often worn in scenarios that require showing respect during times of mourning or for making a statement. Black suits by design are also ideal for giving the body a slimmer appearance. This is usually beneficial for larger individuals who want to utilize the darker color to hide certain physical features or for individuals who prefer to wear something that accentuates slim features. In addition, black suits are also highly beneficial for creating an external perception of your personality. More often than not, a well-fitted black suit can speak volumes and provide others the perception of sophistication, mystery, and dominance. It also works in your favor for elevating your level of elegance and sense of empowerment in situations where you are trying to make a bold statement. 

What is the History Behind Black Suits?

The black suit began to rise in popularity in the realm of men's fashion around the time of the French Revolution (1789). This is largely attributed to the fact that during the revolution, the darker colors were representative of the backlash against the bright colors of nobility. By the year 1828, the popularity of the black suit became more commonly accepted, with many individuals in England wearing the color to appear distinguished from their counterparts. Fast-forward today, and the black suit is still seen as a symbol of sophistication and power and is worn by many high-authority individuals, including judges, priests, and lawyers.

What to look for in a Black Suit

When purchasing a black suit, it is essential to look for the proper cut and cloth. A classic suit cut is a single-breasted style, as it is well known for being so versatile. The single button gives a nod to the formal, but the more regular collar allows for smart-casual wear; it is essential to keep things simple sometimes with the fabric. The medium-weight wool with a matte finish always does the trick for a sophisticated, elegant, and simple look. If you're of a fairer skin tone, opt for a textured fabric to soften the overarching darkness. Anything too heavy can appear harsh on lighter skin tones, but most guys should be able to carry off a black suit with ease.

When Should you Wear a Black Suit?

Away from their place of work, most guys will reserve their best black suits for strictly weddings, Christmas parties, and on a more depressing note, funerals. Regardless, the invitation will usually offer the biggest clue as to whether a black suit is appropriate or not. If you are asked to wear formal or cocktail attire, black is ideal. Especially for a winter wedding, the penguin black suit is ideal. For a beach wedding, it is ideal to wear lighter suit colors such as brown or grey.

What Color Shirt and Tie should you wear with a black suit?

A white shirt is a clear choice for a black suit; however, this doesn't mean it has to be the only option. Lighter colors, in general, make an excellent background for a black suit as a cream or pale grey with a darker tie can give a softer look than a vibrant white. Despite this, the style of shirt you wear depends mainly on the shape of your face and the dress code. 

A white shirt and black tie are the most classic and reliable suit combos of all time, but sometimes it is crucial to switch it up a little. A burgundy tie with a spot or a micro pattern has proven to work well on informal occasions. For a more casual dress, you could go for aubergine or grey knitted tie, and depending on the dress code, you could even go with an air tie which, if done right, could be a huge style move. If you are feeling experimental and innovative, you can try a collarless grandad shirt.

Black Suit Combinations

As mentioned before, black suits can be worn with most light colors, but what are the best suit combos that will make you look the best you can possibly look?

Black Suit & White Shirt:

Despite being very common, the black suit white shirt is a classic combo, and it's always going to be a safe bet no matter the occasion.

Black Suit & Blue Shirt:

This combo is a more lively version of its white counterpart. For specific shades of blue, try wearing a powdered blue and pairing it with white and black accessories. You can also opt for deeper blues like cobalt and vivid indigo as a sort of playful approach when dealing with a black suit.

Black Suit & Pink Shirt:

When dealing with a black pink combo, we recommend only one shade of pink. Essentially this will ensure that you have a good starting point for complimentary ties. 

Black Suit & Black Shirt:

This is a tough look to pull of and will not work with everyone. However, if you are one of those agents who can pull it off, it will be very rewarding. We recommend wearing an air tie (no tie at all), but if you can't go without wearing one, make sure to get a black tie. 

Black suit grey shirt. Since black is one of the most versatile hues out there, this gives you a lot of freedom on what type of grey you want to wear. Slates, charcoal, and dove greys are all solid choices for a black suit.

Black suit purple shirt. More often than not, lilac is the go-to shade of purple when pairing it with a black suit. It is a lighter, softer version of purple. Lilac is also great as it offers a lot of freedom when pairing it with ties, as it is also such a versatile hue. Deeper plums, rusty violets, and warm mauves are all worth mentioning as well, and even some darker shades of purple can be worn as long as they are done with traditionally printed ties and crochet versions. 

What Color shoes do you wear with a black suit? 

Oxblood, bottle green, and navy blue all pair exquisitely when wearing a black suit. However, when faced with uncertainty, you can never go wrong with black shoes. A well-polished black Oxford or Derby, which can also be worn with grey, brown, or navy suits, are also reliable suit combinations and will never let you down. Sneakers also look great with a suit, but they would have to be well kept, clean, simple-looking, and usually in a solid color. Loud multi-colored sneakers paired with suits make it look like you forgot to change shoes when returning from a morning jog.

How to put a black Suit Together

When putting a black suit together, there are several things to keep in mind. Complementary hues are imperative to enhancing the overall look of the suit without it being too distracting. Don't feel obligated to go overboard with a lot of colors. Sometimes simple styles and looks are far better than complicating and distracting ones. Moreover, when choosing a suit, it is critical that it be well fitted to your body type, or else it would simply look stupid. Additionally, for an extra touch that will be appreciated, don't be scared to add a pocket square as they spice up your black suit ensembles. If you don't know a lot about pocket squares, feel free to choose a white pocket square in a presidential fold as it is the safest and most reliable option.

What are the Best Places to Get a Black Suit? 

All in all, the critical factor to consider when looking to purchase a black suit is to get it from a place that can specifically tailor it to fit your body perfectly. At Isaac Ely Bespoke, we specialize in tailoring every piece to fit you perfectly. With our expert measuring process, fabric selection, and experience in designing high-quality custom-made pieces, our goal is to help you master your style. So whether you are looking for an expert tailored bespoke double-breasted suit,shirt,trousers,shoes, orovercoat, we have you covered.

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