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Isaac Ely analyzes your posture, balance, and movement. To perfect both style and maneuverability, a few fittings are required to tailor your bespoke suit.

Choosing a known tailor in bespoke suiting brings peace of mind in knowing that your altered outfit is customized especially for you. Isaac Ely is the person he has made himself famous in Toronto as a custom bespoke suits tailor and clothier with three decades of experience.

Isaac Ely s Toronto’s renowned custom bespoke suit tailor and clothier with three decades of experience. After years of observing the challenge his clients faced with choosing the right fabric or finding a suit that fit, Isaac was motivated to establish his own atelier in 2001 that would meet the unique needs of his long-time clients.

He has always had this understanding that it is too naïve to think that all suits should be alike, while no single person has the same shape or body as others! That is why you can see perfection and excellent craftsmanship in his hand made suits.
A personalized fit suit needs precision in altering, which only Isaac Ely can offer. To make this happen, Isaac Ely measures your posture and the balance of your body and will make the magic happen in multiple fitting sessions, and shazam! You can see some of them at our Instagram account.

With all that being said, let’s see why it is so important to have a custom bespoke outfit and let’s see how the custom bespoke suits in Toronto are made.

The importance of custom bespoke suits

The right outfit is a reflection of your personality and taste. The right fabric and design can show how sophisticated you are, and custom bespoke clothing is the way to show this off!

These days you can barely find stores in Toronto that help you with useful hints and guidelines to help you choose the best suit ever. Here, we do that by getting information about the place you work, people you interact with, outfits you already have, etc.

You can have a wide range of choices to alter your suit, like wool, cashmere, linen, cotton, and silk. You work hard, so should your fabric; thus, you should be careful with your choice.

The beauty of custom made suits are that you can have every little detail based on your interest, from the linings and the buttonholes to ticket pockets and side vents. When you see the combination of your choices with Isaac’s keen eyes for perfect alternation, you never want to take your custom modified suit off. Before we go any further, let’s take some time and find out more details about suits.

Is there a difference between a custom suit and a bespoke suit?

They are not ready-to-wear suits for sure. In a general sense, both are almost the same. There is a slight difference, though!
When a tailor measures you before altering and then delivers you the suit after some days, we call it a custom suit.

A bespoke suit, however, takes more time and accuracy. In making a custom-tailored suit, the tailor measures you once in the very beginning. Throughout the process, more measuring and fitting will be done.

It means that you can never find a more perfect suit than a custom bespoke suit. Multiple measurements for each step promise perfection.

So, it is all up to you, whether you want the single-measured suit or the one with the ultimate precision. i.e., a bespoke suit?

Top 6 benefits of choosing Isaac Ely

Superior fit
Fittings are made with unfinished basted garments, which let us do the fitting process in the best way imaginable. You can see more in our portfolio.

Considering your body and your interest at the same time
A well-sewed custom bespoke suit takes at least 40 hours of work from our master tailor and his team. Along the process of making this an ideal fit, we always put your personal interest at work and try to make the right balance out of it.

A massive increase in your confidence
It is no secret that a perfect outfit that makes you look spectacular directly correlates with one’s self-confidence. Here we make sure that you are presenting your best to the audience.

We care about your time
Flexibility is one of the things that distinguishes us from others. If your schedule does not let you come to us, we can come to you!

It’s not just for this year
We are all human beings, and our bodies change as we age. When you buy an Isaac Ely Bespoke piece, we offer post-delivery support to ensure a super fit for your custom-tailored suit over time.

We have been the buzz word of the press
You cannot go unnoticed if you do an outstanding job. Eventually, the word spreads, and soon after, the press shows up and wants to know all about the buzz. You can read them here yourself:

Shirt jackets
Custom jackets and blazers can provide an elegant and versatile option to go from semi-casual to dress down with denim jeans. We also offer unconstructed jackets for maximum comfort.

Wedding Attire & Black-tie events.
Custom tuxedo for a particular day. We are your trusted partner to ensure you look you’re very best for any special occasion. Be it a custom tuxedo, classic morning coat to dinner jackets, and tailored tuxedo shirts tailored to your needs.

Made to Measure Suits
For those who want to be fitted by an expert.
Our Made-to-measure suits are a good option for individuals who crave high-quality wear at a lower price. The tailored suits use timeless patterns that are then transformed to best fit you. A made-to-measure suit simply offers an option that satisfies many of our customers.
If you live in Toronto or even have plans to come to Toronto, give yourself a chance to check out Isaac Ely’s custom bespoke suits. Even if you have no plan to buy a tailored suit, it sure is pleasurable to spend time in his shop to see what. But be careful, the level of sophistication may intrigue you to leave with one of Ely’s custom-fit suits, the best one in Toronto.

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