Bespoke Suits

Bespoke Suits

The right suit makes you feel good, look good and moves smoothly with you, regardless of your shape or size, whether you’re a giraffe, rhinoceros, leopard, gazelle, or elephant.


Bespoke is the art and science of designing clothes only for you, and making clothes only for you! There’s nothing like the feel of your own bespoke suit, and Isaac Ely hand tailors that suit just like the “Emperor’s”, so it feels like your birthday suit, because it just fits.
Our hand tailored suits are contoured to your fit, with attention to function, style and form; something unique. Hand cut, hand shaped, and hand sewn, the attention given to your garment is personal, right down to button holes! For better quality, we use the good stuff – luxurious imported fabrics & linings, camel hair canvas, and horn buttons.


Be warned, we will be seeing each other – as there are various fittings involved in the tailoring of your bespoke suit!
There is no need to accept the standards of the world!
Custom tailoring pushes boundaries… because each person is unique.

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