Bespoke Shirts

Designed the way you want and tailored to fit.

If you want the perfect look, you must own the ideal shirt. It is no easy task to find the ideal shirt which fits and looks the best. Here at Isaac, you can easily find the unreachable, best bespoke shirts in Toronto.

We have a great selection of shirt fabrics – luxurious Egyptian cotton, Sea Island cotton, Swiss cotton, linen, and cotton-cashmere blends. We also use the finest interlining for our collars and cuffs and feature imported Australian mother of pearl buttons. No matter the shirt, we create the right collar, cuffs, and cut to suit you specifically.

Bespoke shirts can solve a lot of problems

Proportion is a common challenge in shirts, whether it is the arm length, the neck or chest size. It is not easy finding a shirt with these measurements that perfectly suit you. At Isaac Ely Bespoke, we rely on fittings with each client to exact measurements, choose your favourite exclusive fabric and add your personal touch.

Perfection and quality together

A different kind of Made-to-measure, we offer many choices of fit, cut, including varying lengths of sleeves and a variety of style choices in collars and cuffs. You can choose the embroidered initials or monograms to personalize your shirt. Our shirts are of the finest quality and excellence. With our vast collection of different fabrics available in solids, print, stripes, checks, paisley, and modern designs, you can freely and easily choose to express your handsomeness in different looks.

We are best at customizing

Whether it is a business shirt or a casual shirt, or something in between, you don’t have to worry about it since we do it all here in Toronto. They all vary in length and structure. We take into account that a more formal dress shirt requires stiffer cuff and collar, whereas casual or sport shirts are the ones with smaller, less rigid cuffs and collar.

We think of every detail, from the button color and thread color to the trimming, placket, cuffs, and collar.

Why is it so important?

One of the pros of having a bespoke shirt is that it always gives you a sharp and professional look, even if you are not wearing a jacket. The right custom shirt that fits and goes well on you mirrors your sophistication and maturity level. It is no secret that when you look good, you feel great.

The wardrobe of men is mostly highlighted by shirts. As it should, since above all else, shirts have the most significant eye coverage upon meeting someone. A bespoke shirt is like a foundation to a style. That’s why tailored shirts are the way to go.

Why us?

It is worth mentioning that we think of the money you are spending. The fitting part is a common thing that we shine with, but we have one more thing up our sleeves. We most definitely help you choose a shirt that could go with most of your outfits. That way, you don’t have to worry about buying a lot of shirts to match each outfit.

One more good thing about custom-made shirts is that they are also perfect for almost every occasion. You can wear them on your date, meetings, work, etc. you can always show off your entirely made shirt.

A good shirt is a key part of any wardrobe, yet even if you find the one that fits you well, its composition and material may not be of optimal quality. At our shop, you can see and touch the latest shirts with ultimate superiority for yourself. Just book an appointment with us and you will not want to leave empty-handed. Everyone needs the perfect shirt, and everyone deserves the best.

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