Bespoke Shirts

All of our bespoke shirts are hand cut and sewn with an extremely high level of attention to detail. Whether you are looking for a tailored shirt for business, casual, or formal wear we can accommodate you. We create the right cuff style, and bespoke collar shape to reflect your individuality and unique body posture. Similarly to our bespoke suits, we create our bespoke shirts using the same process. We will first analyze your body’s unique posture and movement patterns in your initial fitting consultation.

Once we have found your fit, we will collaboratively work with you to find the best style and fabric for your desired bespoke shirt. We accommodate whatever is necessary to tailor your bespoke shirt to your exact preference. All while taking into account even the finest details on your bespoke collars and cuffs. All of our custom bespoke shirts are hand-cut and sewn using the finest materials to give you a stylish and functional garment that will make you stand out. We offer a wide variety of fabric choices including Egyptian cotton, Sea Island quality, Swiss cotton, silk/cotton mix, linens and cotton/cashmere blends.

In addition to our unique variety of fabrics, we also take great pride in our premium design capabilities. All of our bespoke collars and cuffs are sewn with the finest interlining. Additionally, our bespoke shirts are single needle sewn throughout the shoulders and armhole seams in a way that gives you a garment that not only feels great, but also has a strong and smooth finish.

Create the perfect shirt to call
it your very own.