SINCE 1997



Isaac started working as a clothier in Toronto after fleeing the Iranian revolution in the 1980s. After working at a luxury retail boutique, Isaac became frustrated by the limitations of ready-to-wear clothing.

The styles and fabrics his customers were looking for were hard to come by and the fit of the suit was never quite right. So, in 2001, he decided to open up his own atelier.

Throughout his thirty years in the clothing industry, he carefully studied the relationship between fabric and the human body. It became clear to him that no one body was alike⁠—so why should a suit be?

Since then, Isaac Ely Bespoke has offered exceptional quality craftsmanship, and perfection in the design and construction of your custom-made suits.

“To create something from nothing and craft custom clothing
for individuals is beyond explanation. That’s why I am a custom tailor.”
Isaac Ely


Its about you. At the core of every Isaac Ely custom tailored piece is you, the customer. You talk and we will listen. Tell us your wants and needs, as well as your peeves, so we can achieve that perfect bespoke or made to measure suit for you. Let’s work around your schedule. Come to us or we can come to you, either in person or virtually.

Expert Measure: Our seasoned tailors are detail-oriented and analytical. We review an individual’s unique form, posture, body alignment, and activity level before fashioning the ideal custom-tailored suit.

Fabric Selection: We carry a wide selection of fabrics from the best mills in the world. Together, we will select the right weight, colour, and pattern. Skin tone, long-lasting comfort, and dress code (business, casual, formal) are also considered.

Master your style: Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are and what is within you. Our goal is to identify that essence and create a piece that is uniquely yours, which is the ultimate sophistication. 

We determine your style by focusing on the following; fit, fabric, colour, and details. We then craft your pattern to lengthen, slim, or divert attention away from problematic areas.

Custom Fit: A custom tailored suit, shirt, or pair of pants is designed to compliment your posture and body proportions. Be warned, once you try on a custom suit, it might feel impossible to return to an off-the rack, altered garment.

Post Delivery: When you buy an Isaac Ely Bespoke piece, you are investing in clothes made to last not just a few seasons – but years. We know that our bodies change over time, so we offer support post-delivery to ensure a supreme fit for your custom clothing over time. We are committed to maintaining a strong relationship with each of our clients to ensure the best experience possible.