Since 1997
We are devoted to focusing on you. Let’s build something for your individuality.


Isaac started working as a clothier in Toronto after fleeing the Iranian revolution in the 1980s.

After working at a luxury retail boutique Isaac became frustrated by the limitations of ready-to-wear clothing. The styles and fabrics his customers were looking for were hard to come by and the fit of the suit was never quite right.

In 1997, he decided to open his own atelier.

Throughout his thirty years in Toronto he carefully studied the relationship between fabric and the human body. It became clear to him that no one body was alike—so why should a suit be?

Since then, Isaac Ely Bespoke has offered exceptional quality craftsmanship, and perfection in the design and construction of your custom-made suits.

Master your style

Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are and is within you. Our goal is to identify that simplicity and create what is unique to yourself, which is the ultimate sophistication.

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