Hi, I am Isaac

Your Bespoke Tailor and Designer.


With over 27 years experience as a tailor and clothier, Isaac Ely is driven to perform, with a deep understanding of his clients’ needs and an eye for design and fit.
Our shop is dedicated to providing exceptional service.  We provide better service by starting with top quality materials, and giving you superior craftsmanship in the design and construction of your finely tailored shirts, trousers, blazers, sports jackets, and suits.

Finery for You!  Isaac won’t stop until he understands your needs and creates that elegant style that empowers you and satisfies your individuality.  We focus on the details to make you look better, feel better and be better!

What is service today?  Service is giving you that personal time and attention you want when you don’t expect it.  And providing an experience and product exclusively for you!

What They Say…

  • ...as a former neck-wear manufacturer for over 20 years, I have developed a taste for for a certain level of workmanship, quality and individuality, Isaac has always been able to work with me to create what I have envisioned, his level of service and commitment is what I demand, and he exceeds in delivering it time and time again! It's a pleasure to deal with someone who understands my vision, and desires. I always look forward to my next garment, I wear them with pride, thanks Isaac, all the best to you for continued success!
    Warm regards,

    gary c shapiro, president and founder, Auto Vault Canada

  • Isaac, your service is beyond outstanding.
    At 72 years of age I can boast that I’ve had a number of bespoke custom suits made for my wardrobe.
    Never with the beautiful fit and styling that I get from you.
    Aaaaaaaaaaaand on top of it all, you drive to Montreal to service my needs.

    Thank you.


  • I have only good things to say about the quality and care taken by Isaac Ely, not everything was perfect when the various items were finished but Isaac was on top of it and both my shirts and suits have been made to my expectations and above.

    I have tried several tailors around Toronto and none, I repeat none have given the service and the quality I have received from Isaac.

    I recommend him to near everyone I speak to when they compliment me on my suits.


    JT Templar

  • If suits make the man, then Isaac's suits have made me James Bond. From the second I walked in his shop, he had me perfectly sized up and within moments had me choosing trendy, yet unique and personalized patterns. The service you get with him us unparalleled, and the suits that he has tailored have been simply outstanding. The incredible quality, the perfect cut, the refinements, just the overall polish and care applied are all reflective of his passion and skills. I look forward to my next visit."


  • Isaac Ely hearkens back to the glory days of gentlemen’s tailoring, where one’s tailor was also one’s trusted confidant, gracious host, and style advisor. Whenever I go to see Isaac, I am warmly welcomed and provided with sound advice on what fabrics and cuts would suit be best. I have purchased suits all over the world, and at the end of the day, I always come back to Isaac as he is the only one who provides consistent quality and convenience. I cannot recommend Isaac enough, although I am bit hesitant to share the best kept secret in Canadian bespoke tailoring.


  • “I was introduced to Isaac through my Head Office, as we have him on retainer for some custom corporate apparel. He was extremely patient in accommodating my schedule and the final product was perfect. Thanks Isaac!”



  • Isaac Ely Tailoring
    In today's ever changing world , it is gratifying to know when it comes to fine men's wear there's Mr. Isaac Ely. From the moment you walk through his door you are greeted with phenomenal service, exceptional product, and a kindness you just do not find anywhere in the retail world of today. It is a fabulously fantastic experience everytime I've been to his boutique style shop. I feel as if Im in the boutiques of Paris are Milano. He treats his clients as if there part of his family and goes above and beyond for them. His menswear is simply put "Heavenly". If your looking for the "Best" look no further. Isaac Ely is the master....when it comes too Men's Fashion.

    James Kelly

  • “I came to Isaac looking for some help as a subject matter expert on clothing purchased elsewhere. He was fair and just and worked quickly to help me out. Walking into his place of business, I noticed the impeccable cleanliness of his space and some of the products he had on display. Needless to say, I felt like I would receive the level of service one would expect from a professional and not only did he deliver like a professional but did so with a level of care one could only get from an artisan. Isaac Ely is a pleasure to work with and delightful to do business with.”

    Andrew Villarico

  • Isaac makes you feel like family and is attentive to your needs. He balances this well with his knowledge, expertise and seemingly innate ability to create a perfectly fitted suit. You can trust that his creations capture the essence of the person he designs for, as well as the key principles of bespoke tailoring.


  • “Isaac introduced me to the bespoke suit world in 2007 and I am never going back to buying a suit off the rack! The quality of materials, the craftsmanship of design and sewing of the suit are unparalleled. I have now purchased over a dozen suits from Isaac and everyone is a work of art. Isaac’s attention to detail, his passion for the job, his love for his clientele and his outstanding service remind me of an earlier time when quality and service really mattered! Thank you Isaac for you amazing work!"

    J Wellum

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