Bespoke Overcoat

We offer made-to-measure outerwear and bespoke overcoats. You can choose your style, fabric and fit to complete your outfit stylishly for additional warmth when you need it.

An entire hand made suit calls for a bespoke overcoat for protection. Of course, everyone wears coats for warmth, but it offers you more than that if you have the right one. If you are looking for the best of the best, Isaac’s can provide you with the most refined custom bespoke overcoat in Toronto.

Our tailor shop is renowned all over Toronto for the quality, integrity, and effort that we put into our work.
Canada has always been a cold country, and sadly handcrafted overcoats have often been overlooked as a final touch of outfits. How could you not want a topcoat to protect yourself from freezing in the frigid weather of Toronto?

As it will be the first thing in the glance to come up, you have to be sensitive about your choice. You don’t want it too tight or too loose. You need it to be just right. And what way is better than hand-made ones.

Tell us what you need from your custom bespoke overcoat

Whether you want the traditional look or the timeless version, you can count on us. We can make it in any style you want.

The three-button classic
I think everyone agrees when they hear someone saying, “a classic long three-button overcoat gives the most flattering look to the person who wears it.” Of course, the main goal, keeping you warm, is, in essence. They are also known as the Chesterfield coat.

The double-breasted
Offering a wide range of casual and formal use, short double-breasted tailored overcoats give a gratifying overall look. You might also have heard their names as Paletots.

The wool peacoat
If you want something with the ease of a jacket you wear in the winter with an overcoat’s dressiness, wool peacoats will interest you. These days they are often made with heavy garments. It’s fun to know they are initially taken from the British navy coats.

Characteristics of a good quality overcoat

Warmth and robustness are the things you expect from your custom-made overcoat. Therefore, they are mostly made of wool or wool combination that can deliver you with both. So, in a way, you’re saving money.

The good overcoat should have some features, like the sleeves’ length should exceed your suit’s sleeves’ size and your shirt cuffs. The overall length can differ according to your personal taste, age, or body shape.

If you ever see an overcoat with a fused canvas, no one blames you for doubting its quality. The right one should have a sewn canvas. It is the proper canvas which prevents the overcoat from deforming or sagging.

It is all about you

You most definitely have an ample wardrobe for clothes. But not every single piece of clothing matches the other. A careful choice can make your look go far better than you can ever imagine.

Other than that, the fitness of the outfit has as much importance as the color. That is why you need to have a handcrafted overcoat. You should wear your clothes in a way that shows it was made for you only.


With all the things being said, you presumably are convinced that if you want the best custom bespoke overcoat in Toronto, you have to do your research and consider some essential features. By pursuing the right path in your decision-making process, you can make yourself look like the most sophisticated, dressed person alive.

We show part of our character within the correct selection of outfits. Why should you ask for the right quality level, while you can have the supreme quality here with us at Isaac’s in Toronto? Your body deserves the best.

If you are having a hard time choosing the accurate garment for your overcoat, do not worry. Just come to us, the most experienced in altering business in Toronto, and we will help you through the process. With a bit of insight into your wardrobe, we can advise on the possibilities that would best suit your need.

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