Dinner Jacket

Dinner Jacket A dinner jacket is a jacket that is worn for upscale or fancy functions. The fabric of the lapel is usually made of a different material such as silk than a suit jacket. It may also be referred to as a tuxedo jacket. A dinner jacket normally comes with matching or fashion coordinated […]

What is Bespoke Suit?

What is bespoke suit? According to The Savile Row Bespoke Association the definition for the word “bespoke” is: “A suit made on or around Savile Row, bespoken to the customer’s specifications. A bespoke suit is cut by an individual and made by highly skilled individual craftsmen. The pattern is made specifically for the customer and […]


Suit Fabric Types Types of Fabric for suits and shirts:  Wool Cotton  Linen Silk  Cashmere  Sea island cotton Mohair  Vacuna Alpaca  Spun yarn is obtained from textile fibers whose origins can be animal – such as silk or wool – or vegetable – such as cotton or linen. Chemical fibers are divided into artificial (rayon) […]

Dress Shirt

Dress Shirts There are many different collar styles, including the following options: Rounded collar English spread collar French spread collar Cutaway collar Semi-spread collar Nehru collar Full spread collar Semi-spread collar Long point collar Tab collar Tuxedo collar Button-down collar Two or three buttons on the band of the collar for casual dress shirts. Angle […]